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Adams County courthouse
If you are looking for bail bonds services in Adams County, we are the team to trust. We provide fast bail for both large and small bail amounts. Whether you need bail for a misdemeanor charge or you are looking for assistance with felony bonds, we can give you a helping hand. Bail City Bail Bonds is truly your key to freedom.

We are founded upon the idea that no one should sit in jail while they await their trial. It is your right as an American to post bail, and we help you exercise that right. We care about each client and we will treat you with the respect and dignity you deserve.

How does it work?
When you are arrested and booked, simply give us a call. Or you can call on the behalf of a loved one who has been arrested. Bail bonds work by allowing you to pay us only a percentage, or premium, of the total bail amount. This makes bail far more affordable for you. We put up the rest of the bail amount and you are allowed out of jail on bail until after your court dates.

Adams County is a beautiful place with people who deserve only the highest quality bail services. It is home to the following cities which we serve:adams county colorado

Commerce City
Federal Heights
Adams County gained its odd shape when in 1989 a vote transferred 53 square miles of the county to the City and County of Denver for the planned Denver International Airport. This left the populated western portion of the county as two strangely shaped peninsulas. The county also lost a tip of the northwest corner when Bloomfield became a consolidated City and County in 2001.

Call Right Away
If you need fast bail bonds in Adams County, call our team right away. We provide quick and efficient services, and are ready to assist you in bailing out of jail. We are well versed in handling the system in this county and we have a bail agent in the county waiting to help you. We truly are your key to freedom!