3 Common Halloween Arrests

Halloween is a fun holiday that many people use to let loose and have fun with costumes and parties. However, sometimes things get out of hand. Below are a few frequent crimes that result in the most Halloween arrests in Denver, CO.

Denver, CO halloween arrests


Whether it’s underage drinking near a college campus or public intoxication during a wild night out at the bars, alcohol is a common contributor to Halloween arrests. Stay safe this year by designating a sober driver if you decide to go out to the bars, so you don’t have to worry about getting DUI bail in the morning.


Some people indulge in treats during Halloween. Others prefer the tricks. Many people cross the line by throwing eggs or engaging in other vandalism against public and private property. Throwing eggs at houses and toilet papering trees may seem like good-natured pranks in the moment. However, these are both forms of illegal vandalism that could land you in jail.

Assault & Battery

Even if you don’t intend to harm a person, scaring them can land you with an assault charge. Remember, you don’t have to touch someone to be charged with assault, since this is simply the threat of violence against another person. It may sound silly, but it’s probably best to avoid scaring strangers this Halloween.

Bail City Bail Bonds wishes all our customers a safe and fun Halloween this year! However, if things do get out of hand, don’t hesitate to call our pros at 303-573-1114. We’ll get you out of jail fast so you can get on with your legal process!