3 Fast Facts About Bail Bond Service

If you or a loved one gets arrested, you should know some facts about the bail bond process. It’s important to choose a good agent who can deal with the court 24/7. Here are three fast, but helpful, facts about bail bond service.

1. It is meant for those who cannot pay their full bail amount. When you commit a crime and get arrested, the judge will set a bail amount. This amount usually depends on the nature of the crime. For example, violent crimes usually have a higher bail amount than non-violent misdemeanors. You must pay this amount before you can leave jail. Bail bondsmen give the court a ‘surety‘, or a promise to pay the money, for those who can only afford a small part of the bail amount but want to get out of jail.

2. Bail bondsmen will find you if you don’t show up for court. Your freedom depends on the a photo of a woman in a jail cellsurety provided by the bail bond company. That surety depends on you staying in town and showing up for your court date. If you are deemed a flight risk, you will have a hard time finding someone to bail you out. If you do flee before your court date, the bail bondsman will come looking for you, and you will owe the full bail amount. Some even employ bounty hunters to bring you back.

3. Good bondsmen have a relationship with the court. In fact, the court might even have a list of bondsmen with whom it frequently does business, and might be able to suggest a good one for you. Your bondsman should be able to go to the court 24/7 and bail someone out. They should also make sure you understand every step of the process.

If you or a loved one needs bail services in Denver or the surrounding areas, give us a call today! We will happily answer any questions you have.