Financing and Affording Your Bail Bond

agreement, handshakeIf you are preparing to post bail for you or your loved one, we know one of the biggest questions that is likely on your mind: how much does bail actually cost? Is there a way I can afford it? Our licensed, professional bail agents have many years of experience with the Colorado bail system, so we are able to help you coordinate your finances and post bail in a way you can afford. Here we walk through the basics of financing bail so you know where to turn to secure your freedom and await trial in the privacy of your home.

Paying, Posting Bail

When a judge sets bail, it is often set at a sizable amount so that the defendant risks losing a significant sum of money if they skip trial. However, this places extra burden on those posting bail, as it can be difficult to come up with large sums of money in the short amount of time that you would want your loved on released in. That’s where working with our licensed bail agents saves you time, money, and frustration: with a bail agent, you will only pay a fraction of the total bail amount, usually around 15%.

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