4 Unbelievable Food-Related Crimes

Food is a universal reward. We love it. Some people really love it. Other people love it enough to stab someone over it! Here is a light-hearted look at four serious crimes where food played a central role.

a picture of Thanksgiving dinnerDon’t Start Without Me

Jacklyn Blake of Pennsylvania laid down for a nap after preparing a Thanksgiving dinner for herself and her boyfriend. When she awoke to find her boyfriend eating the delicious food without her, Blake flew into a rage and chased her boyfriend around with a kitchen knife! She managed to corner him and stab him in the chest before police arrived. Blake also threw the knife, stabbing her boyfriend just beneath his eye. Blake was arrested, and the boyfriend escaped with his life. That’s something to be thankful for!

A Birthday Surprise — and Not a Good One

James E. Irving, Jr. was expecting his girlfriend to put a lot of thought and effort into his birthday. The Florida man woke up on his birthday morning expecting a steaming pile of pancakes. Instead, his girlfriend had brought him a present and cooked him waffles. Irving didn’t appreciate getting the wrong order, so he — surprise! — gouged his girlfriend right in the eye. Irving was charged with misdemeanor battery, and got to eat jail food for his breakfast. I’ll bet those waffles didn’t sound so bad after that.

a picture of a man pointing a banana like a gunA Banana Gone Bad

We don’t know what Nathen Channing of Colorado was thinking when he decided it would be a good idea to carry a concealed banana and point it at police officers like a gun. Channing explained that he was doing the stunt as a YouTube prank. Some words of advice, Nathen: When you’re trying to break into YouTube fame, let people in on the joke, and don’t point anything at the police. Also, it helps to actually record your pranks. Just sayin’.

$3 and a Chicken Dinner

Steven Torres of Florida was looking for some action, when he found a woman of the night willing to party with him. Torres offered the woman $3 and a chicken dinner to be his date for the evening. That offer would be insulting to anyone, but Torres didn’t realize he was pitching it to an undercover cop during a prostitution sting. Police said he stood out among the other arrests because of his stinginess.

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