How To Find The Best Lawyer For Your Case


Choosing The Best Lawyer For Your Case Does Not Have To Be Difficult.

When you find yourself facing charges, you want to be sure you have the best plan for how to combat them. Many people struggle to find the best lawyer for their situation. There are many factors that help determine whether an attorney may be the best for your case, and knowing these factors can help you make the best decision. Bail City Bail Bonds understands how difficult this can be, so we have compiled a short list of how to search for an attorney along with some factors you should keep in mind.

How To Search For A Lawyer

  • Make A List Of Possible Lawyers – Use the internet and other available resources to compile a list of lawyers that you can consider. Remember to check out their website to be sure that they both work in the area of your case as well as have experience in your particular case or situation.
  • Check Out Their Reviews – We live in a wonderful time where people can tell you about their past interactions with businesses. Take advantage of this and assess the testimonials and reviews to help you cut your list down.
  • Set Up A Consultation – A consultation allows you to meet the lawyer and learn more in-depth information such as their cost and what they think of your case. Many lawyers will offer these at a low price or even free!
  • Determine if You Can Work With Them – While gaining more information during the consultation, try to determine if you can work with this individual on your case. It is important that you can build a rapport with the attorney and feel they can be trusted.

In order to get started on finding the best lawyer for your case, you need your freedom. Bail bonds can help get you out of jail so you can get started. Do you need bail services in Denver, CO today? Give Bail City Bail Bonds a call at 303-573-1114!

What to Know About Marijuana Laws in Colorado

In late 2012 Amendment 64 went into effect, allowing adults who are 21 and older to purchase, possess and consume up to 1 ounce or 28 grams of retail marijuana for recreational purposes. As long as you have a government issued identification card, proving you are 21, anyone including residents and tourists can purchase up to 28 grams of THC. This allows you to purchase many types of different edibles, concentrates, etc.

Purchasing Laws

Recreational Marijuana May Be Available In Colorado, But There Are Restrictions

There are some laws to know when purchasing recreational marijuana from a retail store. Presently, the current state laws allow for retail marijuana shops to stay open and operate from the hours of 8 in the morning until 12 at midnight. However, some cities are allowed to amend the hours of operation of stores within their districts. For example, stores in Denver and Aurora are allowed to stay open only until 10 pm, but marijuana stores in Glendale or Edgewater stay open until midnight. It is important to know the different laws concerning marijuana retail operation times in your area.

Consumption Restrictions

Once you have purchased your marijuana products, you will want to smoke or consume your newly purchased products. This is a highly critical subject because there are many laws and restrictions concerning whats legal on this topic. The biggest law to understand is that the passing of Amendment 64 does not allow for the consumption of marijuana in open or public areas. If you are caught consuming marijuana publicly you may receive a citation similar to open container laws for alcohol.

Driving, Transporting and Exporting Marjiunana

Transporting or exporting marijuana in and around Colorado is forbidden. In theory, you are allowed to “possess'” marijuana in the passenger area of a vehicle as long as it is in a sealed container. However, it is better to avoid driving while in possession of marijuana just to be safe. If transported outside of the state of Colorado, you can be subject to arrest in other states as marijuana is still considered illegal on a federal level you may be charged with felony drug trafficking. Having marijuana in your vehicle is generally a bad idea, and if pulled over the responding officer may subject you to a DUI field test and may even arrest you. Driving while under the influence of marijuana is illegal and could result in a loss of drivers licences.


Federal and State Land

Lastly, when visiting federal and state parks it is illegal to consume or even possess marijuana of any kind. If caught you may be arrested and charged with possession of marijuana on federal land, which carries a sentence of up to a year in jail and a fine of $1,000 on the first offense. A second offence carries a 15-day to two -year mandatory prison sentence. Any more offences and violators  can receive a 90-day to three-year prison term, and a $5,000 fine.

If you find yourself with a ticket or behind bars for a marijuana or other related offence in the Denver, CO area, contact the bail bonds experts at Bail City Bail Bonds, call us today at __PHONE__

Common Arrests In Summer

Summer is a great time to go hang out with friends and enjoy the weather that is outside while it lasts. Unfortunately, this is also the time that many people don’t think about what they are doing and end up getting themselves arrested. While these arrests below happen in the winter months as well, we see a rise during the summer months.

Common Arrests

Public Intoxication For some reason when the sun comes out, people think that the laws do not apply to them anymore. Summer is a great time to drink with your friends, 1. If you are over the age of 21, and 2. If you act like a responsible adult. Remembering to act appropriately when drinking in a public setting is very important. If someone believes you are getting out of hand, the police can arrest you or cite you with public intoxication, which doesn’t look good on your record. The best rule of thumb to follow is if you are out with friends or a night on the town, make sure you have a plan and stick to it as much as you can.

DUI DUI’s happen every single day, but they seem to increase a little in the summertime. People go camping or on a day trip, have a few drinks, and then decide to get behind the wheel and wind up getting arrested for drinking and driving. You should always have a plan and if it falls through, consider staying the night wherever you are at. It may seem expensive at the time, but we promise that it is not more expensive than the price of drinking and driving.

Don’t let these happen to you this summer. Make a plan, and stick to it. Make smart choices and remember that if you get yourself caught in a situation where you or a loved one has been arrested, give Bail City Bail Bonds a call at (303) 573-1114 and we will do whatever we can to get you out of jail as soon as possible.

Getting Arrested 101

If you’ve never been arrested, or if you’ve been arrested several times, it’s always a stressful situation. However, the situation can be handled in a right way or a wrong way, and how you act can play a large role in how it goes. Today we will go over the best way to act when being arrested.

Stay Calm

getting arrested

Do You Know What To Do If You Get Arrested?

First and foremost, breath, and stay calm. By staying calm, you will be able to more easily identify any key details about the situation, and you’ll be sure to not say anything you regret.

Never Run

Running from the police rarely works, and the charges fr running from police can often be counted as a felony in most states. More often than not, running only makes the arresting officers more irritated, and less likely to make the arrest easy on you.


Don’t Speak

Do not speak to the officers except to let them know that you wish to claim your right to remain silent. Don’t make snide comments, or try to defend yourself verbally. Anything you say can be used against you, even if they take it out of context.

Do Not Invite Them Inside

If you’ve been arrested outside of the place you live, do not go back into the house for your things. If you do, you are legally giving them permission to go inside your home and search it. All of your things will be taken at the jail anyway, so you don’t need to bring any belongings.

Pay Attention

If you can, look at the arresting officers badge and remember the number and name. You’ll want to know this information if your rights are violated.


These are just some basic tips to bear in mind if you are being arrested. When it’s time to post bail, be sure to give our team of experts a call at 303-573-1114 for bail assistance!

Hangry: 4 Crimes Inspired by Food

Food is a big deal.  For some people, its a bigger deal than you might think. Today, we’re going to share 4 food-related crimes that might surprise you!

food arrest

Check Out These Surprising Food-Related Crimes!

Jacklyn Blake

In Pennsylvania, Jacklyn Blake had spent a long day preparing Thanksgiving dinner for herself and her boyfriend, so she  settled down for a nap before dinner. When she woke up, she realized her boyfriend had begun eating the meal without her! She flew into a rage and began chasing him with a kitchen knife, until she cornered him and stabbed him one in the chest. He was able to run away, and she threw the knife, stabbing him beneath the eye. The police arrived and arrested her, while the newly ex-boyfriend received medical care and survived.

James E. Irving, Jr.

This man in Florida is what you might call high maintenance. On his birthday, he expected to wake up to homemade pancakes from his girlfriend, but instead woke up to homemade waffles and a thoughtful gift. As a thank you, Irving became enraged and gouged his girlfriend in the eye. He was arrested shortly after and charged with battery, spending the remainder of his birthday single, and in jail.

Nathen Channing

In Colorado, this man wanted to play a prank to achieve internet fame. Channing carried a banana in his jacket and acted as if it were a concealed handgun that he then pointed at police officers. He was obviously arrested, at which point he tried to explain it was a prank. As a general rule, threatening armed officers with any weapon is a bad idea.

Steven Torres

In Florida, this lonely man was looking for some company. He propositioned a prostitute for some company, and offered her $3 and a chicken dinner to be his date for a few hours. As insulting as that is, you can imagine her response, but actually, she was an undercover police officer involved in a prostitution sting. While they arrested many people, police said he was by far the biggest cheapskate of the bunch!

While some arrests are outright outrageous or embarrassing, if you need to make bail, we don’t judge! Call us at 303-573-1114 to get started!


A Few Tips to Prevent Drunk Driving

Photo Illustrating Drunk Driving

If You’re Hosting a Party, You Might Be Able to Prevent Your Guests From Leaving Drunk.

New Year’s Eve is the busiest night of the year in terms of drunk driving arrests across America. Police departments around the nation set up random DUI checkpoints to catch alcohol-impaired drivers before they cause a fatal crash. The penalties and laws surrounding drunk driving varying from state to state. All states have a zero-tolerance policy for underage drunk drivers. This means that an individual under the age of 21 can be taken in for a DUI even if their blood alcohol content is below the legal limit.

Stop Drunk Driving Before It Starts

Nobody wants to throw a party for New Year’s Eve and then find out that one or more of their guests was arrested for drunk driving on the way home. As the host of the party, there a few simple things you can to keep your guests safe throughout the evening.

Start Early

Starting the party earlier in the evening allows people the chance to enjoy their drinks and metabolize the alcohol before they want to get in their car and drive home. Be sure to cut off the keg or alcohol supply with enough time for people to recover before they leave.

Serve More than Alcohol

Serving more than just alcohol will allow people to option to alternate drinks. This will limit the amount of alcohol in their system. It also gives the designated drivers something to enjoy so they can be completely sober when they take people home.

Pay Attention

Keep an eye on your guests. If someone is drinking too much, don’t be afraid to cut them off. You can also arrange for someone else to drive them home.

If someone you know does get picked up for drunk driving this New Year’s, Bail City Bail Bonds is here to help. Give us a call at 303-573-1114 to see what we can do about getting bail posted as soon as possible.

Understanding a Bail Hearing

Bail exists to make certain that you are present at your hearings. A bail hearing is your first court appearance after an arrest where a judge and prosecutor will manage the case against you. You always have the right to an attorney of your own who will make recommendations for your bail amount. The judge will then determine how much bail should be set.

Wooden Gavel on Money and Handcuffs on Wood Desk

Trust Us to Help You with Bonds for Your Bail Hearing.

Determining Bail and Release Conditions

When determining the bail amount, a judge considers many factors. For lesser crimes, your bail may be as small as a written promise to appear in court on the assigned date with cash bail, should you violate your release conditions. If you can’t post a bail bond, your attorney can bring a motion to attempted an amount reduction. The nature of the crime, however, may give the judge reason to examine the bail amount more closely.

Any outstanding warrants for other crimes will also affect your bail hearing results. Your release may also be postponed, or you may be detained until the warrant can be addressed. If your warrant was issued in another jurisdiction, you may have to wait until that jurisdiction has a chance to respond.

Family ties can sometimes be helpful in getting released. If the judge knows where you will be staying, and whether you have ties to family and the community that mean you are unlikely to flee, you may be more likely to have reasonable bail and release conditions. The courts must have reason to believe you will stay with good people, and out of trouble.

If you are facing a bail hearing for the first time, stay calm. Call us at (303) 573-1114 today to understand a bail hearing and bail bonds.

Arrested: What Happens Now?

When you get arrested for the first time, chances are that you’re scared and unsure of what will happen next. Horrors of old prison movies begin to play in your head. You begin to wonder who you will meet, whether you really do get a phone call, and where you will be held. Remember, stay calm. You will be okay. Knowing the “itinerary” of the next steps will help to ease your mind a bit during your stay.

The Ride

Your First Stay

When you have been arrested, you will be placed in the back seat of the police car for your ride to the jail. The seats are hard and slippery, so brace yourself. Remember, everything you do is recorded inside the vehicle.

The Arrival

When you arrive, chances are that you will sit in the vehicle for a while. This is when your arresting officer will complete any paperwork to register you and wait for approval to bring you inside. You will be searched and asked to change into the “uniform” provided. You will be fingerprinted and photographed, and you will be kept in a holding cell throughout the process. This is known as booking in. Once this process is complete, you will be allowed to make a phone call. Jails vary greatly on their rules and guidelines for this process. Some allow you only one phone call while other will let you have as many calls and as much time as you need.

The Stay

Once your arrival process is complete, you will be taken back into the jail itself. Depending on what time of day you arrive, your experience will vary. You will be given bedding and placed into a cell or you will join population in a large room with other people. If it is meal time you will be shown to the cafeteria or mess hall and then will be taken to population.

When you find yourself in jail for the first time, it can be scary and unnerving. Relax and take the first step to release by calling Bail City Bail Bonds at 303-573-1114. We will take the necessary steps to get you released as soon as possible.

Warrants: Types of Warrants You Need to Know About

Warrants: Types of Warrants You Need to Know About

There Are Certain Types of Warrants to Know About.

A warrant is an order from the court, usually issued by a judge, authorizing an office of the law to conduct a number of legal actions such as arrests, investigating a particular area, and more. There are many different types of warrants that are issued, but there are definitely common ones that everyone should be aware of. Below are types of warrants you need to know about.

Arrest Warrant

One of the most common warrants around is an arrest warrant. An arrest warrant is issued by a judge or magistrate, instructing a police officer to arrest a certain individual. The arrest warrant must have a sworn and signed affidavit in order to arrest a particular person. Usually, the warrant is needed in order to arrest an individual who committed a misdemeanor that did not take place in front of an officer of the law.

Search Warrant

A search warrant is a warrant that is signed by a judge when there is probable cause to search an area for evidence. The biggest takeaway of a search warrant is that a police officer can search someone’s home or other property without them being there or without telling them.

Bench Warrant

When a person fails to appear in court on their scheduled court date, they will be issued a bench warrant. It does not matter what they needed to be in court for, when someone is summoned to court, they must appear on that date and time; this is usually seen as contempt of court. With a bench warrant, it gives police officers the permission to look for and bring the person to court.

If you have recently been issued a warrant that landed you in jail and you need bail bond services in Denver, CO, call Bail City Bail Bonds at 303-573-1114 today.


Probation Tips for Success

probation tips

Probation represents an alternative to direct incarceration.

Probation represents a great opportunity for someone convicted of a crime. Rather than spend a sentence locked behind bars, the probationer retains his or her freedom. Though it comes with many stipulations, probation allows someone to keep a job and maintain relationships. Many people waste this opportunity, however, as they fail to fulfill their probation-related obligations. To succeed and avoid the revocation of this privilege, follow these probation tips.

Keep Your Meetings

Generally speaking, a probationer will need to meet with their supervising officer at least once a month. This provides the officer an opportunity to check on the probationer’s progress and adherence to guidelines. Try your best to never miss one of these meetings, as an absence could provide cause for revocation. Stay in touch with your officer should you need to reschedule, and never seek to avoid or elude them.

Stay Sober

Probation for any alcohol-related offense will make it illegal for the convicted to consume booze. Throughout the term of probation, one could expect random tests to gauge sobriety. These tests apply for almost all probationers in regards to drugs. A positive result will count as a violation that typically gets reported to the court.

Complete Your Obligations

Probation comes with many obligations aside from meetings and sobriety. The convicted may need to attend counseling, complete community service, pay fees and fines, and keep a steady job. The supervision officer will check progress on all of these. Fall behind, and you set yourself up for failure.

Probation may seem like a trial, but it remains far better than time in jail. However, you can expect an arrest if you fail to follow these probation tips. If this happens to you or someone you know, you will need a bail bond to leave custody. If you ever require a bail bond in Denver, CO, Bail City Bail Bonds has your back. For quick jail release, give us a call anytime at 303-573-1114