Most Common Arrests During New Year Weekend

common arrestsSo it’s the beginning of a new year and of course, the boys in blue were on high alert all weekend illegal activities, but the truth is that crime just doesn’t pay, regardless of what time of year it is. Here are some of the most common arrests during New Year weekend.

  • Battery – No matter who started the fight, all involved parties are typically charged. The severity of the injuries is what determines what level misdemeanor it is. Battery can also be counted as a felony is there are weapons added to the mix.
  • DUI – Tis the season to have a drink and then jump behind the wheel of a vehicle. Every year, without fail, there’s a spike in arrests of individuals who drive while intoxicated. If you hadn’t noticed, DPD had checkpoints set up throughout the city to catch those who may have been driving while under the influence.
  • Trespassing – This isn’t necessarily referring to people entering somewhere they shouldn’t be. When an individual is at an establishment, has gone over his limit, but refuses to leave even when the owner of the property has asked them to go is considered trespassing. This may be considered a misdeanor, but if found guilty, you can find yourself spending some time in the county jail.

So if someone you know was caught doing something they had no business this past New Year weekend, pick up the phone and dial 303-573-1114. Your friend or loved one won’t have to rot in that jail cell with the experts at Bail City Bail Bonds in heir corner. Contact us today!