Jury Nullification

jury nullificationA lot of people don’t have that much experience with the legal system. Unfortunately, most of us ignore it until we get stuck in it or have to use it. While in some ways it can seem like an autonomous entity that we have to obey, we do have a few avenues to exert control over it. Here, we’ll go over one of them: jury nullification.

What does it mean?

A jury has the ability to acquit a defendant (free them of any charges) regardless of whether they believe he/she broke the law or not. This practice gets used when the public finds laws unjust in general or in a specific instance, and can spark change in laws from the ground up.


Before the Revolutionary War, colonists often used jury nullification in regards to free speech and maritime law. Later, during prohibition, it got used to free people from alcohol charges, likely affecting the passing of the 21st Amendment to repeal prohibition altogether.


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