Warrants: Types of Warrants You Need to Know About

Warrants: Types of Warrants You Need to Know About

There Are Certain Types of Warrants to Know About.

A warrant is an order from the court, usually issued by a judge, authorizing an office of the law to conduct a number of legal actions such as arrests, investigating a particular area, and more. There are many different types of warrants that are issued, but there are definitely common ones that everyone should be aware of. Below are types of warrants you need to know about.

Arrest Warrant

One of the most common warrants around is an arrest warrant. An arrest warrant is issued by a judge or magistrate, instructing a police officer to arrest a certain individual. The arrest warrant must have a sworn and signed affidavit in order to arrest a particular person. Usually, the warrant is needed in order to arrest an individual who committed a misdemeanor that did not take place in front of an officer of the law.

Search Warrant

A search warrant is a warrant that is signed by a judge when there is probable cause to search an area for evidence. The biggest takeaway of a search warrant is that a police officer can search someone’s home or other property without them being there or without telling them.

Bench Warrant

When a person fails to appear in court on their scheduled court date, they will be issued a bench warrant. It does not matter what they needed to be in court for, when someone is summoned to court, they must appear on that date and time; this is usually seen as contempt of court. With a bench warrant, it gives police officers the permission to look for and bring the person to court.

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