What Is The Best Way To Handle a Traffic Stop?

how to handle a traffic stop

In America, we place an incredibly high value on our civil liberties. If we intend to keep them, it is essential that we all stay informed on how to exercise them. While the police are extremely important to our society, and provide an essential service to our justice system, not every officer will look out for your individual rights, and since not all of our laws perfectly reflect desirable values, there may be times that an officer will knowingly break the rules. Today, we’ll discuss the best ways to exercise your rights during a traffic stop.

Remember Your Right To Remain Silent

One of the most commonly known laws, you always have the right to remain silent. According to the Supreme Court, if you intend to exercise this right, you are required to say so out loud, “I am going to remain silent.” Police have the option to use anything you say against you in court, and they often will. If an officer chooses to take what you say out of context, the judge will side with the officer over you.

You Are Not Required To Consent To A Police Search

If an officer realizes they do not have a legal right to search you, they may put pressure on you and ask to search you. Thanks to the 4th amendments, you are protected from unwarranted searches. Even in cases where you have nothing to hide, it is in your best interest to refuse the search. To properly refuse, say out loud to the officer, “I do not consent to this search.” If the officer proceeds to search your vehicle anyway, do not try to stop them. By law, the court should throw out any case where the officer has blatantly ignored your rights.

Ask If They Intend To Detain You

It is against the law for the police to detain you without just cause. If you are unsure if you are being detained or not, simple ask the officer, “Am I free to go?” In some cases, the officer may avoid the question, but remain calm and continue to ask the question every few moments, in a polite, and patient tone. They will either let you go or begin the process of detaining you. If they intend to arrest you, let them know, “I am going to remain silent,” and wait patiently.

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